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Give yourself a break

People expect at a certain age they should slow down and take up more sedate pursuits. I am trying to do what I want whether or not it fits into the mold of someone my “age”. Some of the things … Continue reading

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I love Rock ‘n Roll

Just because I have entered a different phase of my life doesn’t mean that I have to let go of things I have always enjoyed. I also think that assumptions are made when you reach a certain age you need … Continue reading

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Laundry project

Well, I finally got my laundry closet organized! It has been really underutilized but kind of messy and I have been trying to get a plan together to make it someplace that looked nice even if I forgot to close … Continue reading

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I plan on working on different plans and projects this year and actually finishing them. A couple of years ago I read a book that really changed my life. I know that sounds trite but it has. The title is … Continue reading

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Action Plans

I have New Years resolutions like most people, but this year I decided to refer to them as action plans, they may be small but they lead to the bigger picture. My first was is to eat more for my … Continue reading

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55 is no longer a speed limit

Just a little note to introduce myself and what I plan on sharing. Yes, I am over 55 years of age a wife, mother animal lover, lover of the environment, gardener, reader etc. I was brought up by a very … Continue reading

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First blog post

This is the post excerpt. Continue reading

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