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Sometimes you need a small victory

I have so many projects planned that at times I can become paralyzed. I am working on gardens, furniture, writing, organizing and the list goes on. I need a quick fix, something that can be accomplished without spending money or … Continue reading

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Joanna Gaines

I will say I love HGTV and Joanna Gaines, her style, family and show, Fixer Upper. I am in tune with her style and attitude, so I picked up her magazine a couple of times and now am beginning to … Continue reading

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How to use nuggets of time to ease stress

I am sure that most of us have heard to set aside time to meditate for stress relief. I have tried multiple times and me being me cannot relax enough for it to work, so I have come up with … Continue reading

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Perfectionism is a flaw

Quite a few people suffer from perfectionism and don’t really know it. They just think they are trying to make whatever they do the best they can. That is not really the crux of the problem. They think they can’t … Continue reading

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