How to use nuggets of time to ease stress

I am sure that most of us have heard to set aside time to meditate for stress relief. I have tried multiple times and me being me cannot relax enough for it to work, so I have come up with a way to relieve some of my stress, at least the stress around the house. We all have a few minutes here and there during the day when we are not actively doing anything, so i thought I could put it to use. I wrote down little chores that I put off but they are always nagging at me; seriously who needs to be nagged by your own mind!

First thing I did was break them down into 5, 10 and 15 minutes, as to how long it would take to complete. When I found myself with  5, 10 or 15 minutes of time I went to my list and picked something to do. Once done it came off the list and it stopped nagging me. Now I am not saying that every moment of your day needs to be accounted for but when you have these little nuggets of time, put them to use so you really can enjoy your free time without the nagging feeling you need to do something. Some of these are chores that always need to be done and others are one time chores. The ones that need to be done all the time might not be on everyone’s list but I put them on mine because it stresses me out when I find they are not done, for example: emptying the dishwasher. I mean when I finish dinner I want to put the dishes in the dishwasher not have to empty it first! Following are some of mine:

  • empty dishwasher(5 mins)
  • put in a load of laundry(5mins)
  • wipe down kitchen counter(5mins)
  • tighten toilet in master bath(5 mins)
  • sweep kitchen(5 mins)
  • scrub birdbaths and refill(10mins)
  • deadhead flowering plants(10 mins)
  • dust/clean tops of all artwork(10mins)
  • clean out purse(10mins)-this is a good one to do while waiting at an appt.
  • wipe down shelves in fridge(15mins)
  • write a quick note to friend or relative(15 mins)-everyone loves mail
  • clean dining room chandelier(15 mins)

Well, you get the idea, I have a lot more and yours will be different. I find I can do these things without much trouble and now they are not bothering me and I can enjoy sitting down to read at night or take a little longer with my morning coffee without obsessing about all the piddly little chores that never seem to get done. I find these little nuggets of time at various times of day, for example: waiting for my water to boil for tea, while dinner is cooking, on hold while on the phone etc. This has given me more free time in larger chunks because now I can relax. I won’t say I am stress free but I am able to relax more frequently without feeling guilty.

I have a little lined journal that I write daily musings, shopping and to-do lists in and I just put these little time nuggets on one page in the back so I can refer to it whenever I want, some are crossed off when done as these are one time projects and others get a little check. Some of them are seasonal so it is a fluid list, but for me just writing them down takes them off my shoulders and I stop thinking about them.

My trick for living everyday is to be constructive everyday, to relax everyday, to laugh everyday, to stress less and enjoy!

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