I did tell you that I was working on a vase project and they came out pretty well with only a few mishaps. I have 3 (had) clear glass containers that used to contain candles and I was using them for the occasional  vase but they were plain. Clear glass is great, but I was looking for a way to make a grouping of like objects (color) so I figured I would buy some spray paint and give it a whirl, I mean how bad could I screw up!?DSCN0336

Picking out a paint color and type was tricky and I really had to go to a craft store to find what I wanted. Michael’s had a good selection and I picked up some grey for doing over my bedside table lamps while there(another project I will share). I found a lovely soft green that was supposed to create a frosted effect.DSCN0341

I had a free day ahead of me and it wasn’t raining so I figured it was a nice quick project. I thoroughly washed the containers and dried them. As I was only painting the outside I didn’t have to worry about drying the inside. I have some tomato stakes that I shoved in the ground, placed the vases upside down and went with my first coat, I knew to get the real frosted effect I would need multiple coats, but I didn’t have to wait long in between.

Note: If you place a glass item on a pole and the pole isn’t in the ground far enough it will break when it meets even the soft grass. Notice now I only have 2 containers!

The containers are similar but not exact and that might just work out better as the first one will look great in my bedroom with all my make-up brushes in it. I do have some cheap glass candlesticks that I am going to give the same treatment to, so they will be part of the grouping and they are the correct scale to go with the vase.DSCN0340

Spray paint is a great tool for little changes and there are so many varieties around. I will say that the big box stores probably have them cheaper but craft stores have more specialized types, plus I used a coupon so pretty good deal. I still have plenty more, who knows what else will get the treatment!

So grab yourself something you thought you were going to throw out, imagine it with a different purpose, get some good spray paint and have fun! It is living everyday more beautifully.


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