Birthdays-more than cake

Having recently celebrated a birthday, I looked back over the years and realized that my life has been a series of life decisions that have brought me to where I am today. I don’t know why I start this though process on my birthday but it seems to happen every year. There is a debate on nature vs nurture that will always be talked about but when you think about roads taken it is hard not to think about the what ifs.

What if:

  • my parents never divorced
  • If I graduated college
  • If I studied finance instead of retailing
  • If I had more or less children
  • If I settled in a different town

The list goes on and on. I know that all the major and seemingly minor things that have happened in my life have formed me, my personality, how I solve problems and my attitude on life in general. I am not laying blame on other people or circumstances because blame is useless. We all have free will and make choices that affect our lives. I am not saying that we all have the same opportunities in life or that we all just need to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and move on, what I am saying is that we need to own the decisions we make.

My birthday is a time of reflection for me. I love my husband, my children and my life in general. I would not have the things and people in my life if I had made different choices and that is fine. I have reached my ripe old age by making choices for me and not letting someone else make them for me, so I own my life. I have accepted myself, my quirks and will not apologize for the way I am and what I enjoy or is important to me. We all have times that might not be perfect and maybe beyond our control, but how we react to them is in our control and we should not give that control to others.

I am living everyday as honestly as I can. I made myself cupcakes for my birthday and yes I ate the majority of them, not going to apologize (they were good)! So on your birthday bake yourself some cupcakes enjoy them and congratulate yourself on your life and the good choices you have made and forget about the bad ones-learn from them.

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