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Waiting for warm weather- 6 ideas

This “spring” has me feeling a little down, wondering when it is all going to end and I can really get to work in the garden and be outside everyday for more than just walking the dog, although the dog … Continue reading

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Look Back to Move Forward

I know the subject of resolutions, goals etc for the new year has been done, but I need to look back to look forward so as to better define my direction. We are having bitter cold here in Northern New … Continue reading

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Euro Games or how to exercise your brain!

Now that I am of a certain age I am constantly reading about how to keep my brain sharp, so that my cognitive abilities don’t decline. Well isn’t that a cheery thought. I do crossword puzzles so that is a … Continue reading

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Routine to Ritual

I heard this phrase the other day as an ad on the radio in the car (my book on tape ended) and it stuck with me not because it was an ad for playing Keno either. I thought of all … Continue reading

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5 ways to reward yourself this holiday season

If you are anything like me, the holidays are all about doing things for others. I like to put quite a bit of thought into presents, do a lot  of cooking and decorating as well as working in retail, so … Continue reading

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Week one

I had to start my first week of a month without, a day early because I did not have use of my car so I had to go do my weekly food shopping a day early. (hate food shopping on … Continue reading

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How to use nuggets of time to ease stress

I am sure that most of us have heard to set aside time to meditate for stress relief. I have tried multiple times and me being me cannot relax enough for it to work, so I have come up with … Continue reading

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