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7 steps to paring down

Been doing a little ruminating about clutter, minimalism and downsizing lately as I have been trying to make certain places in my house work better, more efficiently as well as look better. We can’t just shove things in drawers and … Continue reading

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8 ways to create an office

My search for a desk and new chair etc, for my office continues and I have been using it as an excuse to just dump everything in there all the while telling myself it will all be fixed when I … Continue reading

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7 Things I learned on my way to a simple lifestyle

While on the way to a more minimal lifestyle I discovered a few things about myself. I learned that while I was striving to cut clutter and to not be owned by my belongings I realized that looking around my … Continue reading

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Lists, are you doing it right?

I recently read a post on Pinterest on how to write a list. This was not something that I thought really needed instruction on, intrigued I went on to read it and apparently I have been doing it wrong for … Continue reading

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Six Steps To Less Stress

We all want less stress in our lives, so if we can control in it in any way it should be tried. Stress from other people, jobs, world politics etc, you cannot really do away with so let’s work on … Continue reading

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Want vs Need, weeks 2 & 3

Now that I am just about finished with the 3rd week of my no shopping experiment, I have some observations to share. Supermarkets have a lot more than just food Drugstores should change their name to “A little bit of … Continue reading

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Purse Purge

My mother used to describe her purse as her survival kit and to be honest she had a lot of stuff in there. I don’t know if she was prepared for a zombie apocalypse but we stood a good chance, … Continue reading

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