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Bachelorette parties are relatively new but seem to have taken on a life of their own. When I got married 37 years ago you didn’t have a drunken night with your girlfriends, you had a shower or 2 if you … Continue reading

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Tips for Gift Cards

I was given a few gift cards for Christmas for stores I frequent and quite a few for restaurants that we like or new ones to try. I will start off by saying that I do like these, especially from … Continue reading

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Look Back to Move Forward

I know the subject of resolutions, goals etc for the new year has been done, but I need to look back to look forward so as to better define my direction. We are having bitter cold here in Northern New … Continue reading

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How to enjoy being the host.

Hosting a holiday meal or get together no matter the time of year can be stressful. We seem to be throwing the word stress around a lot lately, ways to reduce stress, how to make stress work for you etc. … Continue reading

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Six Steps To Less Stress

We all want less stress in our lives, so if we can control in it in any way it should be tried. Stress from other people, jobs, world politics etc, you cannot really do away with so let’s work on … Continue reading

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Want vs Need, weeks 2 & 3

Now that I am just about finished with the 3rd week of my no shopping experiment, I have some observations to share. Supermarkets have a lot more than just food Drugstores should change their name to “A little bit of … Continue reading

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Week one

I had to start my first week of a month without, a day early because I did not have use of my car so I had to go do my weekly food shopping a day early. (hate food shopping on … Continue reading

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